CSFA President's Message

Stay safe brothers and sisters: Record your exposures and take advantage of new legal and medical transport benefits

In each issue of this magazine I end my President’s Message with gentle reminder to “stay safe”. Ours is a profession that puts human beings front and center in situations that can harm our bodies (trust me, as I write this I am recovering from an on-duty shoulder injury).

I want to call your attention to the Legal Corner beginning on page 10 authored this month by CSFA-recommended workers’ compensation attorney Robert J. Sherwin. California public safety workers enjoy protections in the Labor Code defining some medical conditions presumed to be work-related. These presumptions are protections that CSFA has fought for and helped expand since its founding.

As Mr. Sherwin’s article points out, despite these presumptions proving a workers’ comp claim is by no means automatic. Evidence is important to aid your case, and one way to help bulid a strong case is to record exposures through CSFA’s Exposure Reporting System. This is a free benefit included in your membership dues. Use this benefit and record exposures soon after an incident when details are fresh in your mind. Log into your account at www.csfa.net, and do this now. Soon, it will be even easier to record exposures, when the CSFA smartphone app is released (it is under development now).

I would like to call your attention to two new available member benefits. First, CSFA has partnered with new CSFA Business Member LegalShield to offer a CSFA member discount on the most comprehensive identity theft protection and legal plans in North America. Second, MASA Medical Transport Solutions is proud to offer CSFA Business Members comprehensive coverage for air and ground emergency medical transportation in all 50 states. Sudden medical emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. With affordable plans, MASA covers the out-of-pocket costs of emergency medical transportation for you and everyone in your household, regardless of the transport provider service.

For more information, costs and to register for these new available benefits visit www.csfa.net.

Remember, your CSFA management team and officers are working on your behalf in Sacramento, and our Legislative program for 2017 is taking shape as this magazine goes to press. Watch the weekly CSFA Connection eNewsletter for updates as they become available.

Mike Shrout
CSFA President