CSFA President's Message

Thanks for your support, now let’s work together to help YOUR association continue to grow and prosper

I am humbled and honored that the voting delegates at the recent 94th annual CSFA Conference in Culver City elected me to a second two-year term as CSFA President. My message was simple: Let’s build upon the progress that CSFA has made in the last two years and continue to move the association forward. I would like to thank the Beverly Hills Firefighters for their hospitality and logistical support at the Conference,- too. I also want to thank CSFA’s management team at K Street Consulting for all of their hard work planning and executing the Conference. (See photos from the Dave and Barbara Hubert Conference beginning on page 9 of the Nov-Dec 2016 issue of The California Fire Service).

As readers of the CSFA Connection already know, Conference delegates approved a modest dues increase – the first in 10 years. Annual dues will increase by $2.50 to $77.50 on July 1, 2017 and will rise at the rate of $2.50 a year until July 1, 2020 when they will be set at $85.00 annually. Even with this small dues increase, CSFA membership remains a value considering all of the benefits offered.

As this year draws to a close, we find that CSFA has added members, increased benefits (watch your e-mail for some new exciting benefits that should be finalized by the time you read this) and continues to work for the betterment of firefighters statewide.

In the final days and weeks of 2016, please reflect upon the past year, and give thanks for family, friends and health. Stay safe, and I wish all members a prosperous new year.

Mike Shrout
CSFA President