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Committee for Volunteers

Download the above CSFA Volunteer Information Card in PDF Format by clicking here or the picture above.

Chair Person: Ronny Coleman
Department: State Fire Marshal (retired)


To provide a resource for the membership dealing with specific problems relative to the volunteer fire service. To attend the annual CSFA Conference and submit written committee reports to include oral reports when needed.

Goals of the Volunteer Committee

  • To develop, refine, and promote the California Surplus Fire Equipment Program
  • To conduct a bi-annual survey of California's volunteer fire departments and compile for publication in The California Fire Service Magazine
  • To develop and promote, meaningful and necessary resolutions relative to the volunteer fire service
  • To conduct educational workshops and seminars for the volunteer fire service as directed by the Board of Directors
  • To promote CSFA and its benefits to the volunteer service in California
  • To promote the volunteer Length of Service Award program, and provide advice and assistance to the Public Employee's Retirement System staff regarding the program.

Committee Members

CSFA Board Liason

  • Jeff Gilbert, Williams FPD

Download the annual committee report here


DEEMED TO COMPLY: Firefighter Driver Licensing In California

The issue of proper training, education and qualifications for apparatus operators is a key issue. National statistics have demonstrated time after time that apparatus accidents are a leading cause of firefighter injury and fatality. This presentation and documentation is being provided to the volunteer fire service as a tool to assure high quality consideration for apparatus operators who are chauffeuring emergency vehicles under emergency conditions. Learn More!


Siskiyou County Raises the Bar

Quincy Fire Department Installation Dinner

Rural Fire Service Leadership Workshops

Follow here for information on the Rural Fire Service Leadership Workshops

These photos represent facilitators and participants at the Recruiting and Retention Workshops sponsored by the CSFA Volunteer Committee. These workshops are supported by an AFG Grant coordinated by the Redden Group.

Click Here for NVFC Electronic Updates

Click Here for California Labor Code 230.3

NVFC Representatives

Dick Brown (delegate)
7023 Cassidy Rd
Valley Spring, CA 95252
Res: (209) 786-2994
FAX: (209) 786-0369
Mobile: (916) 240-3156
Email: dndbrown@caltel.com

Volunteer Firefighters' Length of Service Award System
Established by the Legislature, endorsed by the CSFA, and administered by CalPERS, the Volunteer Firefighters' Length of Service Award System began in 1980 as a way fire departments could reward volunteer firefighters financially for years of dedicated service... {follow here for more info on VFLSA}

Volunteer Chief Officers - IAFC
The mission of the Volunteer & Combination Officers Section of the IAFC is to provide Chief officers who manage volunteers within a volunteer or combination Fire, Rescue or EMS delivery system with information, education, services and representation to enhance their professionalism.

Updated Health and Wellness Guide for the Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), working with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), has issued a revised Health and Wellness Guide for the Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services. The Health and Wellness Guide now provides updated information on health and wellness issues, trends, and programs focused on the needs of the volunteer fire service. The document addresses fitness including aerobic exercise, flexibility, strength training, diet; smoking cessation; and other areas that will have a positive impact on volunteer firefighters.

Download the Health and Wellness Guide Here!

Video presentation about the California Volunteer Firefighters' Length of Service Award.


The CSFA Surplus Equipment Placement Program began in 1984 under the guidelines of CSFA and is administered by the CSFA Committee for Volunteers.

The Committee recognized the need for used equipment when volunteer departments throughout the state were requesting any equipment they could get. Extensive research began to implement the requests, which included the Legislative Counsel of California, the legal staff of CSFA, and the CSFA By-laws Committee. The result is a legal transfer process of equipment from one department to another when all the proper guidelines are followed.

Equipment has been recycled to needy volunteer departments up and down the state since 1984. Requests for equipment outnumber available equipment by a ratio of two-to-one. We appreciate all the equipment given and, sold. We trust that you will continue to help your fellow firefighters to be safely equipped for their emergencies.

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