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Emergency Reporting - Fire, EMS and Risk Assessment Software

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Emergency Reporting's web-based Fire, EMS and risk assessment reporting and records management software empowers first responders to manage resources, measure compliances with objectives, report, plan, make decisions and share information from anywhere via the internet.

The CSFA and Emergency Reporting team up to provide the software to members at a discounted price, a tremendous value considering the system includes everything most departments need for daily operations:

  1. NFIRS 5.0 Forms
  2. NEMSIS forms
  3. Occupancy Prefire Plans
  4. Fire Inspections
  5. Apparatus Maintenance
  6. Equipment Maintenance
  7. Personnel Management
  8. Hydrant Maintenance
  9. Training Module
  10. Calendar Module
  11. Library Module
  12. Events Module
  13. Inventory Module
  14. Message Center Module
  15. Shifts Module
  16. Payroll Module
  17. Reports Module
  18. Daily Roster
  19. Administration Module
  20. JAC code interface - coming soon!

For a free, no hassle access to the DEMO online, simply send the form to the right or visit http://www.emergencyreporting.com/ ; we're available toll-free 866-773-7678. In addition, the system provides:

  • CSFA Membership Discount
  • 24/7 technical support
  • No software installation or maintenance required - "zero footprint"
  • Unlimited users -no added fees for anyone to use the system
  • Scalable options - supports metro to volunteer department size
  • Wireless access - no added fees for unlimited users
  • Free upgrades - no effort required!
  • HIPAA compliant - data storage and transmission
  • Free training - simple point and click data entry
  • Free technical support
  • CAD interface - pull data from your CAD and pre-fill incident reports

Notable Quotes

"Emergency Reporting and CSFA complement each other very well. Fire departments across California know the value, reliability and customer service they receive from Emergency Reporting, and these traits mirror the qualities CSFA members have come to expect from their trade association.

We thank them for their support and look forward to working with the Emergency Reporting team in the future."

John Dane
CSFA Executive Director

It has been my experience that the most innovative records management system in the world will fail if the end user cannot easily use the program. Ease of use, simple instructions and overall simplicity is paramount for success. From a management perspective, one of the greatest challenges when using any computerized management system is the ongoing maintenance and associated costs. The Emergency Reporting System is a cost effective, comprehensive, and easy to use program to manage day-to-day operations. The people at Emergency Reporting are customer oriented, and dedicate themselves to providing a quality product. It's truly refreshing to work with a company that is responsive to customer needs, and where customer service is truly the priority."

Pete Fiori, Captain / Training Officer
Benicia Fire Department

About Emergency Reporting

Headquartered in Bellingham, Washington, Emergency Reporting pioneered the development of a web-based NFIRS, NEMSIS, and VISION risk assessment reporting and records management system integrated with modules useful for daily operations.

In addition to deploying a fully integrated fire and EMS records management system, the company partners with the Center for Public Safety Excellence (formerly CFAI) to deliver VISION, the 100% web-based integrated risk assessment and deployment software. VISION empowers fire and emergency service agencies to thoroughly analyze and categorize the risks found within a community, while providing comparative data to other departments of similar size.

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1232 Q Street, 2nd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95811 ~ Phone: 800-451-2732 ~ Fax: 916-446-9889

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