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Emergency Medical Services Committee

Committee Co-Chairperson:

Committee Co-Chairperson:

Medical Advisor:

  • Ken Miller, M.D., Ph.D.
    Medical Director, Orange County Fire Authority
    Assistant Medical Director, Orange County EMS Agency


The purpose of the CSFA EMS Committee is to manage all prehospital care and EMS-related issues in support and advancement of the CSFA mission.


1. Advocacy, Reactive - Evaluate proposed legislation and regulations affecting the EMS system and public health/safety, and provide guidance to the Board regarding CSFA's official position action plan.

2. Advocacy, Proactive - Identify aspects of the EMS system and public health/safety warranting improvement, and make recommendations to the Board regarding appropriate action.

3. Education - Provide firefighters education and training opportunities to enhance their prehospital care cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills.


Aimin Alton
Ventura County FD
Firefighter, Ventura County Fire Department

Evie Anguiano
Los Angeles Co FD
Education Program Director, Los Angeles County Fire Department

Larry Grihalva
Saddleback College

Ken Miller, MD, PhD
Orange Co FA

Catherine Ord
Newport Beach FD
EMS Manager, Newport Beach Fire Department

Christian Ortiz
Visalia FD
Firefighter / Paramedic, Visalia Fire Department

Melissa Schmidt
Mercy Air Service
Flight Nurse, Mercy Air Service

Andrew Wordin
Los Angeles FD
Captain I / Paramedic, Los Angeles Fire Department

CSFA Board Liaison

Darryl Cleveland
North Lyon Co FPD (NV)

EMS Links:

California Emergency Medical Services Authority

American Heart Association

American Red Cross

Download the 2011 Conference Committee Report here

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