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CSFA Fundraising

Dear Potential CSFA Supporter:

You are visiting this page because you received a fundraising flyer or telephone call from an authorized California State Firefighters' Association fundraising agent. The California State Firefighters' Association is currently conducting fundraising for the betterment of the California State Fire Service. This webpage serves as verification for you, the potential supporter, and validates the authenticity of this fundraising campaign.

Below are copies of some of the forms you may receive. If you receive a donation form that DOES NOT appear like the ones below or appears to have been altered in any way, please contact us or call 800-451-2732.

If you would like to learn more about our organization, we encourage you to browse the links on the left.

The California State Firefighters Association is committed to serving the Fire Service and the Public with the highest degree of professionalism. If there was a problem with your experience with our fundraiser, we would like to hear about it so that action can be taken. Please provide us with the information we need to review the call by following this link.

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