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Health and Dental Insurance

Health Net and Safeguard Insurance Benefit endorsed by CSFEWBC

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Health Insurance

The CSFA and CSFEWBC Boards responded to CSFA Members' requests by developing an exciting member health insurance benefit. Health Net's insurance options have been selected specifically for CSFA Members and their families by firefighter focus groups.

The CSFEWBC and our endorsed health insurance broker, the Anderson-Shea Insurance Agency, recommends these affordable quality health insurance options for Volunteers, Retired Members, and dependents of Career Firefighters to fit each individual's specific needs and budget.

· Value Net: Each Individual applies for this coverage on their own. A major medical plan with a $4,000 deductible and a maximum of $7,500 out-of-pocket per year. This is a great choice for young, healthy firefighters who are looking for major health coverage for an affordable monthly price.

· Optimum Advantage HSA: $2,500 single/$5,000 family deductible with most medical expenses paid in full after the deductible is met. Deductible waived, but a co pay applies for annual routine physicals. Use of a Health Savings Account allows you to put money away tax-free to use for your deductible. Great coverage for firefighters and their dependents.

· HMO 40: HMO Plan that is available in most parts of the state. $1500 in-hospital deductible $3000 out-of-pocket max for single, $6000 for a family. This is one of the only plans that includes maternity. Premiums will be higher due to services that are provided for the $40 co-pay, but this is the best overall protection that we offer.

For additional plan selection, please review the Summary Brochure

Dental Insurance

We are now able to offer our membership a new nationwide CSFA Group Dental Plan through the MetLife PPO Dental Plan. Any member can get dental insurance for themselves, their spouse, or their entire family at very competitive group rates.

MetLife has the third largest Dental PPO Network in California which will make it easy for you to find a participating dentist in most areas. Additionally, since this is a group plan, MetLife's rates are priced very competitively.

The CSFA plan includes coverage for orthodontia and there is no waiting period. And since it's a group plan every CSFA member who applies is accepted.

For additional coverage and rates, please review our PPO Dental Plan details.

The CSFA Member Health & Dental Insurance Plan is written through the CSFEWBC endorsed Anderson-Shea Insurance Agency. The Anderson-Shea managers have worked with CSFA for over 20 years and are excited about these new CSFA Member Benefits. You can talk to our Health & Dental Insurance Advisors today by calling:

Contact: Jennifer Karst or Shea Webster

Or complete our online form below:

Please provide the following information and we will have a licensed agent contact you promptly to review your options and choices.

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*Insurance rates and benefits will vary depending on selected coverage and personal health history.

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