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Historical Society

The CSFA Historical Society is dedicated to fire prevention education, the preservation of the history of the California State Firefighters' Association, and the promotion of goodwill for the entire fire service. The presentation of the CSFA Steamer at events throughout California (from local celebrations to internationally recognized events like the Tournament of Roses Parade) will call attention to our illustrious past, our present service, and our dedication to California's Fire Safe future.

President: KEN BRONDELL, Los Angeles City F.D. (retired)

President Pro Tempore: Currently Open

Interim Secretary/Treasurer: Gene Gantt, CSFA

Board Members:

  • Bob Hamilton, General Manager CSFEWBC

  • Russ Matheson, Culver City FD (Retired)

  • Richard Reed, Stanislaus Co Consol FPD

  • Fred Wyckoff, Shasta Lake FPD (Retired)

  • Dennis E. Frazier, Los Angeles FD (retired)

Scholarship Ad Hoc Committee

Historical Society Scholarship Program

CSFA Scholarship Program is reborn -- children and grandchildren of CSFA members are eligible to apply

CSFA scholarships, formerly awarded by the Ladies Auxiliary of the CSFA, are back! The new CSFA Scholarships, for children and grandchildren of CSFA members, will now be administered by the CSFA Historical Society, (a separate 501c3 that is affiliated with CSFA) through the CSFA Historical Society Scholarship Fund. Donations to the CSFA Scholarship Fund are welcome and are tax-deductible. The first scholarships will be awarded in the fall of 2012. Learn More

Membership & Donations

To achieve our goals funding is necessary You can help by joining the CSFA Historical Society or following the donation link below.

Donate to CSFA Historical Society (Tax ID 94 3188766)

Historical Society Goals Membership Rewards

Provide: Fire and life-safety education and information for the community.

Promote: Communication, education, and goodwill in the community interest.

Support: Support social, historical and charitable community events.

Protect and Preserve: Our fire service history and heritage by securing, restoring, preserving and displaying elements of our profession.

Foster: Goodwill throughout the fire service.

1. Promote the "Save-A-Life Program."

2. Support for fire prevention education.

3. Support your fellow firefighters.

4. Support community events throughout California.

5.Support charities and local fundraising events.

6. Tax-deductible donations.

Levels of Membership

Silver - $25.00 Each member will receive a members certificate.

Gold - $100.00 Each member will receive a special "Friend of the Historical Society" certificate.

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