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CSFA Valor Awards

The CSFA officially established its annual Valor Awards in 1967 to provide recognition for those persons throughout California who, during the annual period of eligibility, distinguished themselves by performing singular acts of heroism.

This year's awards ceremony will be held at the Holiday Inn Downtown Plaza, 300 J Street, Sacramento, CA on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at 6:00pm.


MEDAL OF VALOR: The Medal of Valor will be awarded to individuals that voluntarily risk their own life to an extraordinary degree in saving or attempting to save the life of another person, or voluntarily sacrificed themselves in a heroic manner for the benefit of others.

Next Valor Awards:
Saturday, October 5, 2013

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UNIT CITATION: The Unit Citation/Commendation will be awarded to a team or organized group of two or more individuals that voluntarily assist others in emergent situations. The individuals must have displayed gallantry, determination, and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions.

AWARD OF MERIT: The Award of Merit will be awarded to individuals who voluntarily assist others in emergency situations with limited risk to themselves.

CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION: The Certificate of Recognition may be issued by any Board member to a recipient within that Board member's area of responsibility.

LETTER OF RECOGNITION: A Letter of Recognition will be sent over the CSFA President signature to recognize individuals that voluntarily assist others in emergency situations with little or no risk to themselves and have not qualified for Medal of Valor, Unit Citation, or Merit Awards.

2013 Emcee Announced!

Kevin Riggs, Senior Vice President with Randle Communications has graciously agreed to again be our Emcee in for the 2013 Valor Awards Ceremony. From 1994-2011, Riggs worked for Sacramento's NBC affiliate KCRA-TV, serving as a general assignment reporter, anchor and the lead for politics and the State Capitol. He has covered many historic national events including the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, 1999 Columbine shootings, and 2000 Florida presidential ballot standoff. Riggs also led election and campaign coverage of the New Hampshire primary, as well as the GOP and Democratic national political conventions. From 1984 to 1994 he worked for Fresno's ABC affiliate KFSN-TV, and from 1981 to 1984 he was the Bureau Chief for Santa Barbara's CBS affiliate KCOY-TV. Please read more about Kevin here.

2013 Award Recipients

Adam Garcia
Northern Division

Brian Henderson
California Highway Patrol

Bryce Harbert
Camp Unalayee

Carlos Alvarez

Chris Clark
El Dorado County FD Eng 21

Chuck Rees

Dan Grasso

Darrin Witt
Huntington Beach FD

Don Hufaker
Rohnert Park

Dr. Jeremy Kilburn
Nellis AFB

Elizabeth Fitch
Camp Unalayee

Gino Ottoboni
El Dorado County FD Med 17

Jason Aldridge
El Dorado County FD Eng 21

Jason Patterson
Cal Fire

John Kempf
Rohnert Park

Josh Huffman
El Dorado County FD Med 17

Karissa Huerta

Kevin Green
Los Angeles FD

Mark Divttori

Sandra Williams
Alameda County Sheriff's Office

Tony Whittle
Alameda County Sheriff's Office

Trevor Kasimoff

Wayne Hunt



Donate to the CSFA Historical Society Valor Awards (Tax ID 94 3188766)


Valor Awards nominations must be received by the CSFA no later than June 30th to be included in the Valor Awards Ceremony of the respective year.

Click here for the On-Line Nomination Form

If you prefer email or fax the information, please use the format below and include as much of the requested information or documentation as possible.

1. Name, age, position/title, address and telephone number of the person performing the act.

2. A complete description of the incident which led to the nomination, including: date and time of the incident; location of the incident; weather conditions; if a factor, and existing disability and/or the physical effects of the act upon the nominee; and the extent of injuries to the victim or rescued person(s) if pertinent.

3. If applicable, a copy of the investigating law enforcement, fire department, or other emergency agency's reports.

4. Photographs or sketches of the scene if it will assist in portraying the act.

5. Newspaper clippings and media accounts of the incident.

6. Your name, address, and telephone number.

Submit nomination packages to CSFA Valor Award, 1001 K Street, 6th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814.


The heroic act must have been performed by a citizen within California, or by a member of the California fire service, during the period of eligibility, July 1 through June 30. The committee chair may wave the eligibility period requirement for events that occurred within three years of the eligibility period. For events occurring more than three years of the cut off date, the CSFA President must approve of the nomination.

There must be conclusive evidence that the person performing the act voluntarily risked their own life to an extraordinary degree in saving of attempting to save the life of another person, or voluntarily sacrificed themselves in a heroic manner for the benefit of others.

A personalized medal displaying the CSFA Valor Award logo is presented to the person performing the act or, in the case of death, to the surviving spouse or next of kin.

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