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Why Join CSFA

WE WANT YOU AS A MEMBER! The California State Firefighters' Association (CSFA) is the oldest and largest statewide fire association representing over 16,000 firefighters from all elements of fire service. As a member of CSFA you send a strong message to your colleagues that you support the fire service profession. By being a member, you guarantee that your profession is protected and honored for the value it brings to the quality of life of all Californians.

NEW FOR 2014!

A $10,000
AD&D Insurance Policy

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CSFA is committed to building a strong community for all firefighters. We are dedicated to delivering up-to-date information impacting Fire Services throughout the state of California and key knowledge needed to assist you.

  • The California Fire Service magazine keeping you up-to-date on fire service issues.

  • CSFA Connection, our weekly email news briefs and our monthly e-mail newsletters.

  • Discounts on disability, health, dental, life, auto and homeowners insurance.

  • Access to claim a $10,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy (to age 70).

  • Discounts on estate and financial planning.

  • Free consultations with workers' compensation and retirement attorneys.

  • Free On-Line Exposure Reporting System.

  • Low cost cutting-edge trainings with continuing education credits.

  • Experience savings from CSFA lifestyle discount programs.

CSFA has worked at the state level since 1922 offering a strong voice with legislators who vote on benefits, working conditions and public safety issues. Your lobbyists are constantly on the watch to preserve and enhance your hard-earned benefits. Your professional interests are being served and protected as never before. Our influence is growing and your membership within CSFA is important to have that continue.

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CSFA NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT. We are entirely funded by the generous contributions and support from our members. We hope you will choose to continue to give us the honor of your membership and allow us to serve you. The more members we have, the stronger our voice will be and the broader our services can extend. If you have any questions please call the membership team at (800) 451-2732 or email membership@csfa.net.

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