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If you are already an Active PAID Member of CSFA and you want to activate your account for this website, follow here.

For new Regular Active, Retired and Associate individual membership activation or website-account conversions (converting from web-only member to paid member), please follow this link.

For new Retired Life, Students and Explorer membership activation, please follow this link. (These memberships must first be verified before payments are processed so please allow some time for full access to this website)

For all other membership activation inquires and large group accounts, please contact membership@csfa.net

For technical membership inquiries, such as access to this website and digital services, contact Monty Gearhart.

Member Type Yearly Pricing

Active - $75.00
Associate - $75.00
Explorer - $37.50
Student - $37.50
Retired - $37.50
Retired Life - $375.00 (one time)

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