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William R. Goss Fire & Life Safety Award

CSFA Presents First Fire and Life Safety Award

In March 2006 members of the Fire & Life Safety Committee attended the sixteenth annual California Fire Prevention Institute Workshop and Training Conference in Buellton, California. It was at this conference that the Fire & Life Safety Committee conferred upon and presented on behalf of CSFA, the first Fire & Life Safety award. The award was developed to recognize and honor a CSFA member within the fire prevention community that has contributed extraordinary commitment and dedication to the discipline of fire prevention. The recipient of the first CSFA Fire & Life Safety Award was William R. Goss (Bill) who is retired from the City of Los Angeles Fire Department.

About the recipient
Mr. Goss served 28 years with the Los Angeles Fire Department from 1941 to 1970. He attended the University of Southern California, taking courses in petroleum engineering, fire administration, and fire science.

Mr. Goss joined the Los Angeles Fire Department in 1941, serving as a fireman. He moved up through the ranks to captain, battalion chief, and commander of the bureau of fire suppression & rescue. He moved all the way up to fire marshal and Chief Fire Prevention Engineer of the City of Los Angeles. He served in nearly every key administrative position and was extremely experienced in fire code enforcement legislation.

Many honorary lifetime memberships
have been bestowed upon Mr. Goss for his meritorious achievements and outstanding contributions to the fire service by the following organizations: the California State Firefighters' Association, California Fire Chiefs Association, Western Fire Chiefs Association, International Fire Chiefs Association, and the National Fire Protection Association.

On an international level Mr. Goss has served as an advisor to the International Conference of Building Officials on the Life Code Development Committee. On a state level in 1986, Mr. Goss was instrumental in the passage of fire sprinkler legislation enacted in California. These laws represented a quantum leap forward in such areas as backflow protection and testing and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems.

Mr. Goss was personally involved with the development of the California Uniform Fire Code since its inception in the 1950's. He was the Los Angeles Fireman of the Year in 1970 and was the recipient of the Golden Sprinkler award in 1988.

All of these accomplishments were the basis and foundation used by the CSFA Fire and Life Safety Committee, which they felt, met the true spirit that this award should represent.

The presentation
The venue selected for the presentation of the award was the California Fire Prevention Institute's annual workshop and banquet. Fire department representatives, private fire engineering firms and many fire related industry representatives from all around the State of California, attend this function.

Former California State Fire Marshal, Ron Coleman and long time friend of Mr. Goss, honored him by making the formal presentation of the award during the banquet and ceremony. It was at this time that it was announced to Mr. Goss that the award would be named after him for his lifetime of achievements and dedication to the fire service.

Mr. Goss gave his heartfelt appreciation for the award and received a standing ovation from his friends, peers and many colleagues who attended the dinner.

Award to be named the William R. Goss Award The committee, with the approval of the CSFA board of directors, unanimously voted to name the award after its first recipient. The award will be known as the "William R. Goss Fire & Life Safety Award".

It is the intention of the CSFA Fire and Life Safety Committee to bestow this award on an annual basis. Their goal is to promote, recognize and foster dedicated individuals within CSFA who have exemplified their commitment to the betterment of the association, the advancement of fire and life safety issues, improving the public safety within their communities and who have shown a continuing effort to provide firefighter safety through education and training.

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