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NVFC E-Update - September 27, 2007

September 27, 2007

In this issue:

  1. NVFC Launches New Web Site
  2. Support the NVFC through Combined Federal Campaign NVFC Hosts
  3. National Junior Firefighter Program Update: New Resources Available
  4. Delegation of Japanese Volunteer Firefighters
  5. Start Planning Now For Fire Prevention Week
  6. New Booklet Provides Explanation of the EMS System
  7. Calendar of Events
  8. Support Those Who Support the Voice of the Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services

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NVFC Launches New Web Site

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has redesigned its web site to create a simpler, more user-friendly format. Check out the new site at www.nvfc.org.

The NVFC web site continues to contain important information and resources for the volunteer fire and emergency services. You can find tools such as the Cost Savings Calculator, the new Retention and Recruitment Guide, the Emergency Vehicle Safe Operations Initiative, and the State Benefits Guide. The site also has sections on legislative initiatives, grants and funding, emergency preparedness, and much more.

The new format offers resource sections customized for your individual needs. Whether you are a department member, a family member of a first responder, or someone who simply wants to learn more about the NVFC and the emergency services, the web site contains the information you need. Visit www.nvfc.org to view the new site.

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Support the NVFC through Combined Federal Campaign

Federal employees can support the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) by designating the NVFC as a recipient of their donations during the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The NVFC appears in the listing of National/International Organizations that is included in each local campaign brochure. To designate a contribution to the NVFC, indicate the CFC identification # 11395 when making your pledge. Please note that this is a new number from last year's campaign.

The CFC, which is managed by the Office of CFC Operations in the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace giving campaign. Its mission is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee-focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all. During campaign season, which runs from September 1 through December 15, federal civilian, postal, and military donors can make pledges to eligible nonprofit organizations.

Money raised by the NVFC from the CFC helps support NVFC's legislative initiatives, the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program, Fire Corps, and other important programs and projects that benefit the fire and emergency medical services. To learn more about the NVFC, visit www.nvfc.org. To learn more about the CFC, visit www.opm.gov/cfc.

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National Junior Firefighter Program Update: New Resources Available

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has released two new resources for the National Junior Firefighter Program. Youth participating in local junior firefighter programs can now log their hours on a time log form available at www.nvfc.org/juniors. The junior firefighters then submit this form to the NVFC to receive rewards as they reach certain benchmark levels of participation hours. Please encourage your junior firefighters to start tracking their hours.

The National Junior Firefighter Program web site now also contains a scholarship resource section to assist junior firefighters in pursuing a college degree. Twenty-two organizations are listed containing links to over 150 scholarships for youth. Many scholarships are geared towards college students studying fire engineering, fire protection, fire safety, or emergency medical services. There are also scholarships available for children of current, retired, or deceased firefighters - regardless of the students' major area of study.

Both of these new resources are available by visiting www.nvfc.org/juniors and clicking on the "Junior Firefighters" link.

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NVFC Hosts Delegation of Japanese Volunteer Firefighters

On September 19, a delegation of 19 volunteer firefighters from Japan toured the Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department (CJPVFD) in Bethesda and met with National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) Chairman Philip C. Stittleburg, NVFC Maryland Alternate Director and CJPVFD Fire Chief Jim Seavey, Maryland State Firemen's Association (MSFA) President Paul Sterling Jr., and CJPVFD President Mike Harding.  The visiting delegation included representatives from the Japan Firefighters Association, Japan Fire Protection Association, Japan Compensation Fund for Firefighters, Japan Fire Instruments Safety Association, and 11 different Japanese volunteer fire departments.

"I'd like to thank you for coming here to meet with us and to exchange ideas," Stittleburg told the delegation. "It is clear to me that the volunteer fire service in America and Japan face similar challenges - responding to terrorist acts and natural disasters, recruitment and retention of personnel, and locating the resources to pay for adequate training, equipment, and apparatus."

At the meeting, Stittleburg formally accepted an invitation to represent the United States at the 2008 International Volunteer Fire Service Conference, which will take place next May in Japan. The conference is sponsored by the Japan Firefighters Association and will involve fire service leaders from 15-20 major industrialized countries around the world.

"I am honored to accept your invitation to participate in the International Volunteer Fire Service Conference," said Stittleburg. "Even though the problems we face are the same, different countries develop different means for dealing with them. Interactions like this provide us with a tremendous opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas about emergency response that have developed in other cultures."

The delegation is on a fire service tour of North America. In addition to the event at CJPVFD, the NVFC has helped the delegation schedule a tour of the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD, a meeting with USFA Administrator Gregory Cade, and a tour of the New Orleans, LA. In two previous delegation visits, the NVFC facilitated a trip to Ground Zero in New York City and a meeting with FEMA Director R. David Paulison.

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Start Planning Now For Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week is October 7-13, and it is a great opportunity to spread fire prevention and safety messages to your community. One way you can do this is through a Letter to the Editor in your local newspaper. The National Volunteer Fire Council has developed a sample Letter to the Editor you can submit to your local newspaper, or you can develop your own. Let your community know how important it is to practice fire prevention and safety all year long.

Throughout Fire Prevention Week, the NVFC will team up with Fire Corps to send out fire prevention and safety tips each day. Forward these tips on to organizations, community groups, and the public to let them know what they can do to stay fire-safe.

The theme of this year's Fire Prevention Week is "Practice Your Escape Plan." Learn more about Fire Prevention Week and find other resources, such as radio public service announcements, on the National Fire Protection Association's web site at www.nfpa.org.

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New Booklet Provides Explanation of the EMS System

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's (NHTSA) Office of EMS has published a new booklet entitled Emergency Medical Services: 24/7 Care – Everywhere,designed to explain in detail the EMS system and how all its parts work together. The booklet is a great resource for those who are unfamiliar with how the EMS system works, or to serve as an introduction to EMS for the general public.

EMS is part of an intricate system of agencies and organizations. These include hospitals, communications and transportation networks, rehabilitation facilities, trauma centers, specialty care centers, and so forth. This publication helps outline how all of the components of the EMS system interact and work together as part of a coordinated system of care. In addition to describing how EMS is implemented at the local level, the booklet also discusses how it operates at the state and federal levels.

To view the Emergency Medical Services: 24/7 Care – Everywhere booklet, visit www.nhtsa.dot.gov and select Emergency Medical Services from the Quick Picks. To order copies, email your request to nhtsa.ems@dot.gov. If you have questions about the publication, contact Laurie Flaherty in the Office of EMS, at (202) 366-2705 or laurie.flaherty@dot.gov.

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Calendar of Events

Below is a list of events that the NVFC will be attending, as well as nationally recognized dates which the NVFC would like to acknowledge.

Alaska State Firefighters Association Conference
September 26-28, 2007
Valdez Civic Center
Valdez, AK

National Preparedness Month
September 2007

Fire Prevention Week
October 7-13, 2007

NVFC Fall Meeting
October 24-27, 2007
Providence, RI

Annual Apparatus Specification and Vehicle Maintenance Symposium
January 20-23, 2008
Orlando, FL

April 7-12, 2008
Indianapolis, IN

Fire Expo
Harrisburg, PA
May 2008

Firehouse Expo
July 22-27, 2008
Baltimore, MD

Fire-Rescue International
August 14-16, 2008
Denver, CO

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Support Those Who Support the Voice of the Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services

The NVFC relies on the assistance of its corporate and association partners to be able to provide a voice for the volunteer fire and emergency services in Washington. We encourage you to look at a list of our Corporate Members and support them with your business.

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Join the NVFC and support the voice of the volunteer. Find out more and join online at www.nvfc.org.

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