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Ethics in Organizational Leadership

Ethics play a vital role in the fire service, from the first day of an interview to the day in the life of a Battalion Chief. Your integrity is your number one commodity. The fire department holds the public trust, something difficult to build and quick to lose, if not careful. A Bachelor's of Arts in Applied Science from Brandman University can help you develop a strong ethical framework to help you navigate throughout a career in the fire service via its four Program Learning Outcomes: Diversity, Ethics, Communication and Experiences. Each of the courses in the BA, AS has been designed to help you understand and master the desired characteristics that can be directly applied in your work.

Ethics begins on day one of your introduction to the fire service. Fire chiefs are looking to hire someone who can bring calm to a dangerous situation. Your presentation and ability to appear as a trusted leader is of utmost importance. Facial tattoos, piercings and manner of speech will be taken into consideration. An intense criminal and financial background is conducted to ensure you have lived a life of integrity.

Ethics is important because in the line of duty, you will be sent to into homes where you may find people incapacitated, sick or overcome with smoke. They are very vulnerable and you have been granted the trust to not take advantage of an opportunistic moment, to leave everything in its place, make as little mess as possible, and lock up when you leave. Above most other jobs out there, you have to do the right thing when no one is watching.

The Leadership and Professional Ethics course will help you develop the skills, tools and techniques needed to make critical decisions and analyze situations based on merits rather than personalities or personal interests. You will have the opportunity to examine theories for ethical judgment as well as contemporary dilemmas and moral issues in organizations, with a special focus on the role of professional ethics and the responsibilities inherent in the commitment to serve others.

Topics that include servant-leadership, responsibilities of professionals, the obligations of corporations concerning the environment, product safety, and the rights of employees will help you direct your ethical compass in the business sector. In some cases you will be asked to inspect businesses and must point out factors that will maintain safety for all, including a firefighter who may find himself in the building at some point. Your integrity may have to stand up to a businessman who does not want to make changes for financial reasons or convenience and you cannot be swayed. Your level of integrity will determine whether or not the career is a good fit.

Throughout the Leadership and Professional Ethics course you will develop a clearer understanding of the impact of ethical behavior on the organizational level, particularly in the corporate arena, including the government. Critical analysis of case studies and class projects will help you evaluate ethical behavior and decision making of various organizations that can be applied to your career advancement.

As you move forward in your career, your ethics must grow with you, particularly as you enter the realm of politics and work with city councils. Your decisions will affect the well-being of captains, fire fighters, engineers and paramedics. Every choice you make on the job, from giving a fair shake to all candidates for promotions to the management of public funds must be made considering the entire welfare of a community, not simply the nicer parts of town or where your family lives. Your reputation must be trusted by the public at all times. There are few worse things for a fire department to have than aspersions of impropriety leveled against them.

As a fire fighter, you need to go the extra mile when others are down. You are the ones we look up to for guidance and deliverance to safety. Let Brandman University help give you the tools and techniques to do better in their job.

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