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Peter Bryan - Bioagraphy

Fire Chief (Retired) and Public Safety Consultant

37 years in Public Safety with 27 years of Public Administration in Fire Chief and Chief Officer positions. Fire Chief for Rancho Cucamonga, Monrovia, Norco, CA fire departments and the interim for Wheatland and Norco. CA SFM Certified Fire Chief and Chief Officer. Teaching experience includes CSU and Cogswell undergraduate, pubic sector, professional development in continuing education, and CA Community Colleges. Presenter at IAFC's FRI, NFPA, Cal Chiefs, Cal Chiefs AFSS, FPO, and Training Divisions. Author for Fire Engineering with articles in wellness and WC, cost reduction and budgeting, Bureau fees, strategic planning and data analysis, performance evaluations, and reducing responses to unwanted alarms. Member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and International Association of Fire Chiefs. Completed and implemented four strategic plans for the improvement of services and managed the transition of city-to-county fire services contract. Fire protection and HR consultant, and ESCI Associate. Peter and Linda are proud parents of an U.S. Army Ranger.

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