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Quincy Fire Department Installation Dinner

Fire Chief Robbie Cassou, Assistant Chief Tom Forster and CSFA Volunteer Chairman Ron Coleman at Quincy Fire Department Installation Dinner

By: CSFA Volunteer Chairman Ron Coleman

The Quincy Volunteer Fire Department, located in Plumas County, recently held their annual installation of officers dinner. Chief Robbie Cassou, served as Master of Ceremonies for the evenings activities, which included recognition of the various members of his department for their last year's achievements.

The event which has been going on for over 50 years has one unusual feature. The entire meal was cooked by the Dixon Fire Department. Quincy Fire Department does the same thing when the Dixon Fire Department has its annual dinner.

Fire Chief Robbie Cassou, an active member from the CSFA Volunteer Committee and Tom Forster, a Volunteer Committee Member, provided background on the last years program activity, which included an audio visual presentation that was both informative and entertaining.

Chief Ron Coleman, Chairman of the Volunteer Committee made a presentation on what the CSFA is doing to support the volunteer fire service. A copy of our current White Paper on the status of volunteer firefighters in California was circulated to the over 70 participants at the dinner.

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