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Flashpoint - The Firefighters News Source, Spring 2014

Flashpoint - The Firefighters News Source, Spring 2014 Flashpoint - The Firefighters News Source, Spring 2014

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Are You Prey For Identity Theft?
Associated Press | Washington
Gov't: 1 in 14 fell prey to identity theft in 2012

image leftThe government says 1 out of every 14 Americans age 16 or older was a target or a victim of identity theft, a crime imposing a heavy emotional toll on many of its victims. This comes from a national survey of 70,000 people, issued by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. ID theft resulted in $24.7 billion in financial losses last year. The crime affected 16.6 million people and fell most heavily on households with annual incomes of $75,000 or more. In that income bracket, 10 percent of such households were victimized.

Here are some scary statistics: Two-thirds of identity theft victims experienced financial losses, which averaged $1,769. 47% of victims who spent six months or more resolving the financial and credit problems, experienced severe emotional distress, compared with 4% who spent a day or less resolving the problems. Less than 10% of victims bought identity theft protection.

For more information about California Casualty's FREE Identity Defense protection, visit here.
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CalCas Corner
12 Facebook Statuses You Need to Retire | Video Here
image rightWhen you watch this Mashable.com Facebook status video think about how many times you or your Facebook friends post statutes like these, and laugh.
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"Courage is resistance to fear, the mastery of fear -- not the absence of fear."

- Mark Twain
Tips on Fire Safety in Drought Endangered Areas
Dani Creasy | Social Media Specialist
Now is the Time to Protect Your Home from Wildfires.

image leftIt is tinder dry in much of the Western United States – the driest conditions in over 100 years. It is so dire, California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a drought emergency. "These are perhaps the worst drought conditions that California has ever seen, since records (began) about 100 years ago." Brown emphasized the importance of the inherent danger of the drought by adding, "This is an effort to call for arms. We can take this drought as a stark warning for other things to come."

Don't be a statistic.
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Kick Ash
CalCas Safety
Spring Home Tips | Julie Kim - Houzz.com
image leftYour Landscaping Can Keep Burglars Away

I recently moved to a home in a very urban — some might say gritty — neighborhood of Los Angeles. Since nothing calms my baby more than a walk around the block, I spend a great deal of time wandering around my neighborhood on foot pushing a stroller. As a pedestrian, I started to notice countless "Beware of Dog" signs, iron bars bolted against windows as guards, menacing wrought iron and chain-link fences lining the entire perimeter of properties, and tall hedges obscuring houses from public view.
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