CSFA Surplus Equipment Program

The CSFA Surplus Equipment Placement Program began in 1984 under the guidelines of CSFA and is administered by the CSFA Committee for Volunteers.

The Committee recognized the need for used equipment when volunteer departments throughout the state were requesting any equipment they could get. Extensive research began to implement the requests, which included the Legislative Counsel of California, the legal staff of CSFA, and the CSFA By-laws Committee. The result is a legal transfer process of equipment from one department to another when all the proper guidelines are followed.

Equipment has been recycled to needy volunteer departments up and down the state since 1984. Requests for equipment outnumber available equipment by a ratio of two-to-one. We appreciate all the equipment given and, sold. We trust that you will continue to help your fellow firefighters to be safely equipped for their emergencies.

Have Surplus Equipment?

Need Surplus Equipment?

Contact Dick Brown, at rbrown@csfa.net