CSFA Steamer Marketing Benefits

This program is a perfect opportunity for any sponsor to get colorful exposure to huge audiences. This exciting and colorful display will serve as an excellent public relations tool, and can be partnered with a powerful advertising program.

We recognize that an important element of this sponsorship proposal is to clearly state what our steamer program can provide for the potential sponsor. Our program offers our sponsor:

  • A flexible and mobile public relations & marketing program suitable for any audience
  • An exciting display that will increase product exposure to large audiences in targeted market areas
  • Endorsement by America's Heroes and a respected profession - the fire service
  • A quality program to promote corporate pride
  • Benefit the public welfare by presenting fire prevention and life safety education
  • Community support by participation in local events
  • Restoration and preservation of a rare item of great historical and meaningful value

To date, the team has already appeared in over 100 events, proudly winning first place in all events entered. Among the many highlights was participating in the 1997 Tournament of Roses Parade, where over 500,000,000 people watched the team dressed in early 1900 traditional fire uniforms joined with turn-of-the-century fire wagons to form a colorful tribute to the firefighting of yesteryear.

Request The Steamer

For more information, contact:

Dave A. Hubert
CSFA Steamer Team Chairman
10 Oak Canyon Trail
Coto de Caza, CA 92679-4915
home: (949) 589-2444
cell: (949) 521-0334

Steamer Books & Videos

AMERICA, 1902. As mighty white horses came thundering down the street, excitement, color and sound greeted those who stopped in their tracks to watch the steam fire engine racing to a fire---bells clanging, whistles blowing and smoke billowing from this historical classic. $19.99

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HUBIE and the Fire Service Exclusive Collector's Edition Special Introductory Discount! HUBIE and the Fire Service is a humorous cartoon book that looks inside the Fire Service profession by a real insider…Dave "HUBIE" Hubert, a 30 year artist & Firefighter. Rich with color and packed with...