CSFA Fire & Life Safety Committee

Chair Person: Ed Foster
Carpinteria-Summerland FD


To support the organization in its efforts to prevent the loss of life and property due to fires, major emergencies and natural disasters, and minimize the impact of these incidents on the ecosystem and infrastructure, and to enhance the ability of its members, associated organizations, and legislators to address fire and life safety challenges and issues which can impact the quality of life of all Californians. To attend the annual CSFA Conference and submit written committee reports to include oral reports when needed.

Goals of the Fire & Life Safety Committee:

To network with local , state, and national fire prevention organizations and associated organizations in order to gather information that will be useful to members in preventing the loss of life and property from fire and other disasters.

To act as a CSFA liaison to improve communications efforts with other fire service organizations in matters related to fire prevention and public safety

To actively participate in the development of codes and standards to help prevent the death and destruction caused by fire and other disasters.

To advocate fire and life safety legislation through the resolution process.

To track, review, and analyze legislation relating to fire prevention issues and to provide recommendations relative to its effects on the membership, the fire service, and the public to the Legislative Advocate and Board Members.

To publish articles related to fire prevention that are useful, current, and relevant to the membership in the California Fire Service Magazine on a regular basis.

To inform the membership of the methods and materials that are available to educate California's population of the dangers of fire and other potential disasters.

To assist in the promulgation of a public education program that will enable the general population to understand, prevent, and endure disasters

To assist all disciplines of the fire service by disseminating information that incorporates current trends in fire protection technology and building construction.

Committee Chair or designee must attend the CSFA conference.

William R. Goss Award
Presented by the California State Firefighters Association
Fire and Life Safety Committee
(readabout his award here)

Download the latest Committee Report here

Committee Members
  • Ray Bizal, NFPA
  • Michelle Caldwell, Riverside Co Fire
  • Bradley Dotts, Long Beach FD
  • Dennis Lockard, Newport Beach FD
CSFA Board Liaison
Ray Ramirez, Visalia FD