Health, Wellness & Benefits Committee

Chair Person: Tyler Ecoffey, Chair (Alameda County FD)


To serve as an informational source, answering questions and advising fire agencies on all safety issues. To act as a resource arm for developing safety legislation. To attend the annual CSFA Conference and submit written committee reports to include oral reports when needed.

Goals of the Committee ..."A strong & United Voice"

  • To work with CSFA's Legislative Advocate and Executive Director on analyses and recommendations relative to current legislative bills.
  • To respond to inquiries on safety questions, providing recommendations and approval of methods
  • To provide a research arm for use when safety problems arise.
  • To place committee members on state and national standards boards and committees.
  • To provide a CSFA representative in attendance to act as expert testimony at any hearing or inquiry.



Retirement Issues

Chair, Steven R. Slagle (CAL FIRE - Riverside County)

Aaron Miles (Long Beach FD)
Dave Hubert (OCFA)
Ernie Moreno, (Hemet FD)
Rick Guerrero


Worker's Compensation

Currently Vacant


Currently Vacant


Committee Members

Rebecca Ramirez (Yocha Dehe FD)