Public Relations Committee


The purpose of the Public Relations committee is to promote the California State Firefighters’ Association, distribute the message of CSFA to the public about the needs of the California Fire Service and educate the fire service about the benefits the California State Firefighters’ Association provides.

Goals of the Public Relations Committee

  • Recruit new CSFA members.
  • Retain current CSFA members.
  • Promote the CSFA message using all formats of media and communication with a consistent message across all media platforms.
  • Maintain CSFA brand control.
  • Maintain an updated list of in person department and/or fire station visits.
  • Establish marketing campaign initiatives.
  • Maintain and grow visibility of the CSFA brand.
  • Interface with all CSFA committees to facilitate the Committee’s goals and messages.
  • Work with CSFA PAC to promote the political needs of CSFA.
  • Maintain and grow business opportunities with complementary business.
Have a photo you would like to see published by CSFA? First make sure you took the photo or have the rights to publish it and then ensure there are no safety violations in the photo you are submitting. Then, send your photo to

Annual Report
Download the Public Relations Committee 2018 Annual Report.

If you would like to email the members of this committee, please send email to
Chair Person:
Currently Vacant

Committee Members: 

Esteban Sandoval
K Street Consulting

Gary Giacomo
K Street Consulting

Monty Gearhart
K Street Consulting

Eddie Sell
Long Beach FD

Mike Zike
Beverly Hills FD

CSFA Board Liaison:

Joe Stewart, Geyserville FD