CSFA Retirement Issues Committee


To serve member associations and individual members in matters relating to retirement law, legislation and information. To attend the annual CSFA Conference and submit written committee reports to include oral reports when needed.

Goals of the Retirement Issues Committee ....."A strong & United Voice" 

  • To work with CSFA’s Board of Directors, Legislative Advocate, Executive Director and CSFA Staff on analysis and recommendations relative to current legislative bills that affect our working and retired members of this association; and to recommend legislation on retirement issues to be initiated and / or sponsored by CSFA.
  • To respond in a timely manner to the requests of members, employee organizations, public agencies and fire service related associations with the appropriate information and material pertaining to retired members of this association through contacts made individually, within small groups, seminars or conferences.
  • When requested by the Board, represent CSFA at meetings serving as a retirement member advocate liaison.
  • Recruit and retain CSFA members to assist with the various tasks associated with the Retirement Issues Committee.
  • To regularly survey, respond and communicate the requests of retired members to continue to develop and enhance the “esprit de corps” of the fire service family and CSFA through events, activities, outings, teaching and opportunities.

Committee Report

Chair Person:

Steve Slagle, Fire Captain, Cal Fire (retired) 

Committee Members: 

Dave Hubert, Orange County Fire Authority (Retired)
Aaron Miles, Long Beach FD (Retired)
Rick Guerrero,  (Retired)
Ernie Moreno (Retired)

CSFA Board Liaison:

Jon Breeden, Long Beach FD