CSFA Workers' Compensation Committee

Chair Person:  VACANT


To serve the member associations, and individual members in any matter relating to Workers' Compensation benefits, legislation, information, and to work as a liaison to legal representatives. To attend the annual CSFA Conference and submit written committee reports to include oral reports when needed.

Goals of the Workers' Comp Committee

  • To develop a basic working knowledge to the Workers' Compensation process and benefits in order to answer questions from members, and to refer members to an attorney when necessary.
  • To provide informational workshops as directed by the Board of Directors.

Comp Law: What You Need to Know
By Richard E. Elder, Jr.
CSFA Recommended Attorney

Workers' Compensation, disability, retirement and civil lawsuits are important to firefighters due to your dangerous occupation. These rights are rapidly changing. Those who read this article are "first responders" on many legal problems and can help yourself and others with "triage." ... MORE

CSFA Board Liaison
Daniel C. Perkins, Kingsburg FD

Download the latest Committee Report here.