CSFA National, State, and Local Appointees


Dick Brown (Calaveras Consolidated)

Email: dndbrown@caltel.com

Nick Gomez

Email: Nick-gomez@outlook.com

Governor’s Valor Board

Jeff Loveland (Riverside City)

Email: jloveland@riversideca.gov

State EMS Commission

Paul Rodriguez (Long Beach FD)

Email: psrodman@aol.com


Eddie Sell (Long Beach FD)

Email: eddie.sell@csfamail.com

State Board of Fire Services

Ed Foster (Carpinteria-Summerland FPD)

Email: efoster@csfa.net


Tom Carlisle (Auburn City FD)

Email: tom.carlisle@csfamail.com  

(alt) Sam Hoffman (Central Calaveras F&R)

Email: samhoffman@hughes.net