Emerging Technology and Innovation Committee

Chair Person: Currently Vacant. Please contact Marty.Creel@csfamail.com if you are interested in this position.


The purpose of the CSFA Emerging technologies committee is to work collectively with the FIRESCOPE emerging technologies committee to move forward new advancements to assist the fire service in better protecting the citizens of California.

Goals & Mission:

  • Leverage our role as a fire service trade organization and assist inventors and those who have specific ideas on how to better the delivery of fire suppression and emergency medical service technology to California and the Nation.
  • Serve as an advocate for the technology with the FIRESCOPE Emerging Technology Committee and assist with field testing, membership polls and advocacy both legislatively and within our membership.
  • Provide training and education to our members though our annual conference and utilize that platform to educate our members as to the benefits of enhanced technology.
  • Encourage inventors and designers to become CSFA business sponsors, and establish a list of real world, useful emerging technologies and innovations that support the fire service.

Committee Members

  • Michael Baca, CalFire-RRU
  • Cory Cisneros, Rialto FD
  • Dan Munsey, San Bernardino Co FD
  • Kyle O’Neil, CalFire MMU
  • Shane Sherwood. Orange Co FA
  • Brook Spelman, CalFire-SoOps
  • Ryan Webb, San Bernardino Co FD
  • Dan Young, Long Beach FD

CSFA Board Liaison

  • Daniel C. Perkins, Kingsburg FD