CSFA LEDS Committee
Leadership, Equity, Diversity & Service

Chair Person: Nicole McCall, Lieutenant, Oakland FD


The mission of the LEDS Committee is to bring a team of fire service leaders together that understand the importance of creating dialogue that focuses and addresses all aspects of Leadership, Equity, Diversity, and Service. Our beliefs come from our personal experience, our diverse backgrounds, and our commitment to an inclusive California Fire Service that serves everyone without bias or prejudgment. 


Listen – We will listen to all sides and reserve judgment

Share – We will share information internally and externally 

Respect – We will respect all members, partners, and community members

Act – We will take action on our established goals and objectives

Our vision is to be transparent, fair, and commit to engaging with the topics of our times and create solutions, best practices, and recommendations for CSFA and our partners.

LEDS will work with several partner agencies, including Exploring For Life, youth programs, public and private organizations, and community leaders to create a Strategic Plan and Vision that addresses how we will ensure a unified voice and message.


LEDS Committee Videos

A collection of CSFA LEDS Committee and CSFA Partner Videos related to Leadership, Equity, Diversity & Service.

Committee Members

Ernie Moreno, Captain, Hemet FD
Heather Marques, Captain, Alameda County FD
Karen Rindone, Battalion Chief, Long Beach FD
Michael Moore, Fire Chief, Riverside City FD
Phil Gonsal, Engineer, Long Beach FD
Silvio Lanzas, Fire Chief, Glendale FD
Steve Tallosi, Captain, Long Beach FD
Tracy Gonzales, Downey FD

Please contact either Rich Brocchini or your board liaison if you are interested in serving in this committee.

Board Liaison

Jon Breeden, Long Beach FD