CSFA President's Message

CSFA Conference 2020 will be very different

As I sit to write this issue’s President’s Message much of the state that has been under Covid-19 lockdown is beginning to open up. As it has since the founding in 1922, CSFA holds an annual conference. The purpose of the annual CSFA conference is to elect officers to the Board of Directors and to set the legislative agenda for next legislative session in Sacramento. A good many laws benefiting both the fire service and the public’s safety in general, began as one person’s idea. That idea, placed into discussion at a CSFA conference and voted upon by the delegates might one day become a law.

This year, however, as we try to plan a CSFA conference we are faced with the challenges of doing so safely and within the state’s public guidelines related to Covid-19. As this issue goes to press, we are working closely with our tribal fire department members to secure a qualifying venue for an abbreviated CSFA conference. Our bylaws require a face-to-face meeting, and we are planning an efficient business gathering that will meet the requirements of our bylaws, while at the same time insuring health and safety compliance. We are tentatively looking at dates in early December for this very different CSFA conference. Of course, should the Covid-19 situation worsen, we may find ourselves under more stringent restrictions, and requiring a new plan. Please watch the CSFA Connection and your e-mail for updated information and details as they become available.

Chap 13 proposed changes – CSFA’s ‘dream team’ is on the case

As we discussed in the last edition, the fire service received some good news regarding the postponement of action by the Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) Chapter 13 EMS regulations. EMSA only hit the ‘pause’ button. Now, as the EMSA continues its consideration of changes to EMS delivery in California through the Chapter 13 EMS Task Force, please know that CSFA is well-represented to help ensure that fire service positions are considered. CSFA Emergency Medical Services Committee Chair Scott Clough is our primary representative, with EMS Committee member Ray Ramirez Jr. as his backup. EMSA is keeping this working group rather small, but CSFA-appointed EMSA Commission Member Paul Rodriguez will serve as an “observer” during these meetings. Look for updates as they become available through the CSFA Connection.

Please stay safe during this challenging time,

Mike Shrout
CSFA President