CSFA Resolutions Committee

Chair Person: Dale Lintner
Barstow F.P.D.


To meet prior to the annual conference, to prepare resolutions for presentation to delegates. To meet during the annual conference to assist with the process of presentation of resolutions to delegates. To attend the annual CSFA Conference and submit written committee reports to include oral reports when needed.

Goals of the Resolutions Committee ....."A strong & United Voice"

  • To meet prior to the annual conference.
  • To revise submitted resolutions as needed to make certain of proper form and clear intent of all resolutions
  • To review prior and pertinent legislation, law, and regulation.
  • To make committee recommendations.
  • To send resolutions to appropriate committee for further review and study.
  • To send resolution back to originator for revision.
  • To review and listen to members or other interested parties and to make committee recommendations to "pass" or "do not pass" on each resolution.
  • To be available as a committee resource at the annual conference.
  • To provide a forum for conference delegates to review and discuss the resolutions prior to the vote on the conference floor.

Committee Members:

  • Dick Brown, Barstow FPD

CSFA Board Liaison:

Ray Ramirez, Visalia FD