CSFA Legislative Advocate

Legislative advocacy is a core mission of CSFA, and Legislative Advocate Afrack Vargas executes that mission in Sacramento. A former firefighter, he has over a dozen years’ experience as CSFA’s representative at the state capitol. He is available to discuss pending legislation or to consult a local PAC. E-mail Afrack at afrack@kstreet.us.com

CSFA’s Political Action Committee (PAC)

The mission of CSFA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is to help educate firefighters and fire departments regarding the political process. The PAC works closely with CSFA’s Legislative Advocate on policy and legislative matters.

CSFA Legislative Report

A continually updated report provided by K Street Consulting and Capitol-Track. Visit here to get the latest and greatest information.

Search California Law

California Law consists of 29 codes, covering various subject areas, the State Constitution and Statutes. Information presented reflects laws currently in effect.


    Afrack Vargas
    CSFA Legislative Advocate
    Owner, K Street Consulting