CSFA’s Political Action Committee (PAC)

The mission of CSFA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is to help educate firefighters and fire departments regarding the political process. The PAC works closely with CSFA’s Legislative Advocate on policy and legislative matters. The PAC trustees also offer several political services to members:

Forming your own PAC - CSFA Pac Trustees and CSFA staff can help to organize own local political action committee.

Local campaign funding grants - Fire Agencies that have 100 percent membership in CSFA are able to access PAC funding for local elections, tax measures and other local issues that are important to your fire agency. Apply for PAC funding here.

Campaign Management/Consulting - CSFA PAC Trustees are available to help with local campaigns, providing the best strategies for victory. Trustees can also offer fund-raising advice to strengthen local PACs and present campaign tactics to maximize candidate effectiveness.

Political Action Seminars - Upon request, CSFA PAC Trustees will present one-day political activity seminars for a department.

For more information about the CSFA PAC and its services contact Chair Vern Losh vlosh@csfa.net or trustee J. Mark Frederick jmarkk2@sbcglobal.net.


Vern Losh
Healdsburg Fire Department, B/C


J. Mark Frederick, Penn Valley FPD
Anthony Dixon, LA County FD
Don Donnelly, LA County FD
Matt Epstein, Dry Creek Rancheria FD

CSFA Board Liaison
Brian Geiger, LAFD