CSFA President's Message

What is courage?

What is courage? It is what the men and women of the California fire service exhibit day in and day out as they serve in various capacities to serve our communities, reduce and identify risk, and continue evolving in the all hazards world in which we operate. Courage is also identifying the changing landscape, and staying relevant with creating solutions with our partners and leaders. I was honored to recently be featured as a panelist with CSFA’s Executive Director Jeff Meston and participate in a webinar for FireShowsWest that had a panel discussion regarding equity, diversity and inclusion in the fire service. I was proud to share what CSFA has focused on in the last 90 days, and in particular the creation of our newest committee, the LEDS Committee.

LEDS stands for leadership, equity, diversity and service, and represents CSFA’s role as part of the California fire service leadership to engage in dialogue of these important topics of our time. Our LEDS Committee is made up of men and women of the California fire service who believe in bringing their personal journeys and backgrounds to assist with establishing action items. These action items and recommendations are not formed in a silo, but instead are created from knowledge, experience and programs that are in place to further assist our members and the California fire service.

Along with being front and center on creating the LEDS Committee, CSFA is working hard on relationships with partner agencies in the fire service and the academic world to strengthen our training and education benefits and increasing pathways to formal education.

I ask everyone to take another look at all that CSFA has done recently in a short amount of time and to continue supporting our efforts by sharing our content, viewing our YouTube channel videos, and participating on our committees or in other capacities. I am humbled by the strong leaders that are part of our team and by their collaborative approach to reinventing our future.

CSFA President
Long Beach Fire Department
Battalion Chief, Eddie Sell