CSFA President's Message

2021 is a wrap – looking forward to 2022

As 2021 comes to an end, and with the Holiday Season upon us, it’s a good time for reflection, gratitude, and for thinking about the future. 2021 has been a challenging time for CSFA, but also one of planning, creation, and reimagining of what our proud trade association’s future will look like. When we are charged with the duties of our position it is our responsibility to do all that we can to meet the expectations of our members. I can sincerely tell you that this board has worked incredibly hard to ensure we reconnect with our members, represent the entire California Fire Service, and ensure engagement at our seats and committees throughout our state.

As your president I have worked collaboratively with our executive director, our board of directors, and our staff to do the following over the last year...

• Started monthly virtual board of directors meetings
• Created an executive committee that meets biweekly
• Directed our board to give monthly written directors reports
• Created a YouTube Channel- CSFA Fire & Rescue TV
• Increased our engagement in all social media platforms
• Created new committees including our LEDS Committee, Emerging Technology and Innovation Committee, and Next 100 Year Committee
• Recruited engaged men & women who now serve as directors, deputy directors, and committee members
• Participated in Courageous Conversations workshops
• Participated in our monthly mentorship program
• Represented CSFA at the California Fire Service Leadership and FIRESCOPE meetings
• Attended several Recruitment and Retention Seminars
• Collaborated on our strategic planning for our future
• Enhancing our website and member engagement

I am grateful for many aspects of our proud trade association. We have been blessed to have had Jeff Meston as our Executive Director and have him work incredibly hard on many of the aforementioned topics. I’m grateful for our CSFA staff, they are lean, but committed and efficient. I’m thankful for our engaged board of directors, deputy directors, and committee members. We truly cannot survive without your dedication, input, and presence. Your president and board of directors, and committee members all volunteer our time to our association because we truly want to give back, represent all aspects of the California Fire Service, and inspire the next generation to do the same.

We have listened to our members and we are striving to increase our value and support of our members in many areas. As a nearly 100 year old fire service trade association we are looking to focus on areas such as training and education, leadership and mentorship programs, working with our science community and innovative solutions for the future of our All Hazards response world.

We continue to evolve as this year comes to an end and embrace new changes and opportunities. We have welcomed Marty Creel as our new Executive Director and look forward to his leadership and organizational skills. We are proud to announce that CSFA has been awarded another SAFER Grant that will be incredibly important for our members over the next five years. This grant provides many critical things for our members, including; live fire training, PPE, wellness programs, recruitment and retention seminars and much more.

2022 will bring an amazing opportunity for our trade association to reinvent some aspects of how we conducted some forms of antiquated business, and continue to embrace the upward trajectory we have started. Change is a difficult thing for all of us, we must remember though without change there can never be growth. George Bernard Shaw said “progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” With this in mind let’s be open to our future opportunities and definitely embrace the opportunity to be a part of the Next 100 Years of CSFA.

Please have a happy, memorable, and blessed holiday season. Take care of one another and continue to serve others, and know you are valued. Make sure you save the date and attend our upcoming 100th Anniversary Conference that will take place in San Diego, April 6-8, with hands on training, recruitment and retention, and live fire training on April 9 & 10 at Rincon FD in North San Diego County.
Fire Chief, Eddie Sell
CSFA President

CSFA President
Fire Chief, Hemet FD
Eddie Sell