NEW CSFA Offering: Simplified Issue Life Insurance

(Open Enrollment October 1-31, 2019)

“No Medical Exam or Lab Work Required”

CSFA members under age 65 may apply working their job 30 hours per week.

10-Year Group Level Term Life Insurance Rates

(Sample non-tobacco rates shown as of October 2019)

Age     Benefit      Monthly Premium   
30      $250,000        $11.50
40      $150,000        $ 8.70
50      $100,000        $14.70
60      $50,000         $21.00

CSFA members under age 65, who are not currently insured under this plan and are actively at work, can apply for up to $250,000 of Group Level Term Life Insurance on a Simplified Issue basis. This means you only answer an abbreviated set of health questions, satisfactory to the insurer, and there are no medical exams required?

Additional Features:
  • Coverage stays with you even if you change jobs or retire.
  • Elect Dependent Family Coverage  $10,000 of life
  • The AD&D benefit to a maximum of $250,000, cost $1.25 per $25,000 coverage, monthly
  • Pay no premiums if you become totally disabled, as defined in the certificate

How can life  insurance help?

Protect your home
Life insurance can enable your family to remain in the home, pay the mortgage and avoid the trauma of relocation.

Protect your family
Life insurance helps replace your income when your family needs it most.

Protect your children’s education
Life insurance can help provide for your children’s future.

Protect your finances
Life insurance can help cover medical bills and funeral costs as well as unplanned expenses.