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California State Firefighters Association (CSFA) Retiree Issues Committee

  • Established to provide a way of communicating with retired members of the CSFA and the fire service to exchange relevant information, ideas, issues, benefits, opportunities, events and activities pertaining to soon to be or retired members.
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About Your Retirement Issues Committe

We understand retiring from the fire service can be stressful for many and successful for others in fact it has been said in his Executive Fire Officer Program research paper "Problems and Success Factors Inherent in Fire Service Retirement," Gerald Bates wrote he found In his research, that 95.7 percent of his survey's participants felt that their retirement was successful.

"The primary determinant of a successful and satisfying retirement appeared to be directly related to the level of planning that went into it," he wrote. "The most satisfied retirees tended to be those who planned for their retirement in advance."

As firefighters, we know the value of conducting pre-plans for target hazards in our district and there's great value in applying that strategy to your second career. Consider these retirement target hazards and pre-plan accordingly.

  • Your personal characteristics.
  • Your reasons for retirement.
  • Your financial security.
  • Your level of activity in retirement.
  • Your social and personal relationships.
  • Your physical and mental health.

Everyone's responses to the above will be different, but the one key for everyone is to plan for your retirement early in your career. Begin early in your firefighting career and focus on your career expectations, long-range financial plans, and the importance of developing a career and retirement plan in general.

The CSFA Retirement Issues Committee want to assist you with planning and provide you tools and resources to assist you making choices from security, health and social relationship opportunities.  With your assistance we can continue to share these resources with other retired members of the CSFA and our fire service family.  

There’s no question that social media has had a significant impact on communications.  While social media has overwhelmed many communicators with a wide array of platform choices it also provides a new way to connect with influencers and customers more efficiently than ever.   Over the years, one thing has not changed: communications is fundamentally about building relationships.  Social media augments ways communicators can build relationship.  We encourage you to follow us on our Facebook Page/ CSFA Retirees as well as CSFA Twitter and Instagram.

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There are many advantages to becoming a member of the CSFA Retiree family.  There are plentiful benefits for all firefighters along with some specific benefits for retirees.  Becoming a member online is easy, just click here to create an account and start the process.

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Below are a list of contact topics. We have assigned committee members who's job it is or who have an expertise in the subject to assist you.  Click a topic below start a new email to the Retirement Issues Committee


Retirement Issues Committee

The Retirement Issues Committee provides a resource for the membership dealing with specific problems relative to the retirement. Learn more about the Retirement Issues Committee.

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We believe social media is an excellent tool for retired members.  Facebook allows all of us to connect with like-minded needs and retirement issues.  Please join us on Facebook and contribute your story! We will also be offering training courses on how to use social media and protect your privacy.

In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to those members of the CSFA, our colleagues, who have answered the final bell.

California State Firefighters' Employee Welfare Benefits Corporation (CSFEWBC)

The Benefits Division of CSFA - Responsible for all insurance benefit programs for CSFA. To learn about or contact the CSFEWBC click here.

Retired Member Benefits in Focus

We have created a list of CSFA non insurance related benefits that are specific to your CSFA retired status membership or ones we felt would be important to you as a retiree.

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