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Never Forgotten:

This page is dedicated to those members of the California State Firefighters Association (CSFA) our colleagues who contributed so much passion, enthusiasm and pride to their families, department, community and the fire service.  Let us remember the moments we shared, the laughter, the achievements, challenges and difficulties when we remember sharing their passions day in and day out.  They may be gone but never forgotten as we reminisce of such special people, special friends and special times. The memorial list on this web page will be kept yearly and updated once per month.

Memorial List from November 2018 to Present

Death Notification by Fire Department


Anaheim FD
Sam Bogoshian

Buena Park FD
Stephen O. Stoll

Berkeley FD
Lawrence A. Rosano

Ken Hood

CAL FIRE - Southern Division
George G. Pond
Bruce D. Pickens

Cedarville FPD
Joe McFarland

Chevron FD
Robert W. Taylor

Costa Mesa FD
Mike Kreza

Culver City FD
Michael Nagy

Cedarville FPD
Joe McFarlan

Corona FD
Harvey Simpson

Downey FD
Paul Cruz

Fullerton FD
Bill Landis                   
Glenn Boyd                 
Harold Pyle                  
Bill Bohannon
Humboldt Bay FD
Tom Perrett

Inglewood Fire Dept
Russell L Chidley

La Mesa FD
Thomas William "Bill" Orsborn
Long Beach FD
Chris Parker
Harold Effinger

Los Angeles Co FD
Daniel J. McCord
Randy Duarte 
William Ave
Los Angeles FD
Rafael A. Lopez
William B. Wofford
Robert H. Robles
James J. Francesoni
James R. Chastain
Ramey R. Stroud
Leonard L. Edwards
Richard E. Handlan
Jamie W. Remy
Harold N. Burkhart
Robert L. Neal
Ross L. Williams
Elias De La Hoz
William M. Horton
John G. Chavez
Donald W. Wallace
F E Harris
Stanley W. Dean
Roy L. McQuown
Michael Hurley
James R. Laughlin
William E. Thost Sr.
Doyle R. Ohlwiler
Harold L. Dally Jr.
Bruce H. Segelke
William G. Stover
Robert G. Price
Francis R. Motheral
Richard G. Tucker
Freeman K. Dierlam
Charles W. Debenham
Elsworth L. Almany
 Deane C. Wickstrom Jr
Wallace B. Hasha
Jean-Paul Adagio
Concepcion A. Ramirez
Norman M. Schultz
William Plumlee
Ray L. Merriett
Nicholas S. Baumgartner
Forrest K. Weaver
 Gregory L. Meliota
Ronald C. Derby
Lowell C. Johnson
Nicholas P. Maricich
Gerald E. Mc Hale
Bruce L. Blackwell
Milton Joffe
Robert G. Berg
Michael V. Mercado
Wilfred S. Atlas
Tyre N. Wood
John A. White
James R. Norman
James R. Klatt
Lloyd G. Dubowy
Coleman R. Lawson
William E. Saylor
Daniel S. Barnes Jr
Donald e. Clark
 Wilber A. Sweeters
Richard J. Wiskosky
Terry G. Trail
Don E. Holloway

Los Angeles Co FD
Michael Shepard
Del Rae Hope

Menlo Park FPD
Vicente A. Del Pozzo 
National City FD
Clewell S. Leighton
Novato FPD
Gene Fox

Oceanside FD
James W. Connolly
Wayne C. Brite

Palo Alto FD.
Dan F.Towmey
Terry Davis

Phillips 66 - Santa Maria
Lionel H. Senes
Poway FD
Glenn D. Olson

Rialto Fire Dept
Richard “Scott” Schwingel

Riverside City FD
Eldon C. Thomas

Ross Valley FD
Lawrence B. Malliett
San Francisco FD
Steven Pacatte

South Pasadena FD
Jack Grieve

Woodland FD
James J. Zuniga

2015 Memorial Service Video

CSFA 2015 Firefighter Memorial Service Video

CSFA 2015 Firefighter Memorial Service Video

Posted by The California State Firefighters' Association on Monday, October 12, 2015

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