CSFA’s 96th Annual Conference Sept 4 – 6, 2018


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Ben Vernon (Bio)

Course Title: Unexpected Nightmares

Firefighter and paramedic speaks about his PTSD from a life changing event


Dr. Mynda Ohs (Bio)

Course Title: First In, Family Fallout

PTSD and its effect on a first responder’s family

Phil Davis (Bio)

Course Title: Firefighter Safety/Rehab and CO Exposure

These classes, with an emphasis on CO, typically run between 75-90 minutes and are a combination of discussion and hands-on with the monitoring devices. The course overview is:

  • Pulse oximetry
  • Hazards of CO
  • CO monitoring of both EMS patients and firefighters during rehab
  • Perfusion Index
  • Establishing baselines and defining abnormal readings
  • Overall firefighter safety

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Dr. Steven Froehlich (Bio)

Course Title: Evolution of Peer Support in the Fire Service

Panel discussion with Dr. Froehlich and several of his “peers”

Scott Brown (Bio)

Course Title: Electrical Safety for First Responders

Brown, a former San Bernardino County firefighter and a 28-year veteran of Southern California Edison will present to students all possible types of electrical scenarios that first responders might encounter in his hour-long presentation. The hidden dangers of electrical burns, cars into power poles, sheared and spraying fire hydrants into power lines and people stealing power are just a few of the real-life situations that will be covered in his talk.