Brad Bihun has been in the fire service for 18 years and 14 years full-time, currently working as a Fire Engineer/Paramedic in Southern California. Brad has helped educate and implement policies, product, and procedures for proper hygiene and toxin mitigation for some of the largest fire departments across the United States. Going beyond just on-scene decon Brad teaches about the science behind the toxins we face and what NIOSH refers to as "toxic hand-off," the transfer of toxins throughout our work environment and home. Learning about the toxins we face and the science of how they stick to our skin and surfaces is the first step to understand how to properly mitigate them at every level of exposure.

Brad has been involved with many non-profit organizations, including the Terry Farrell Fund, and he is the Co-Organizer of "StachetoberFest," a charity for a variety of first responders in need.  Co-organizing this charity has allowed Brad to see the effects of occupational cancer on the lives of friends and first responders.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Brad is part owner of Source One MRO, an Authorized Hygenall Master Distributor for Hygenall Full-Spectrum Firefighter Decon Products. However, as a firefighter himself, his main goal is to first and foremost, educate the members of the fire service so that they are able to make informed decisions and implement procedures and tools to help mitigate the toxins firefighters face on a daily basis.