CALL TO ACTION – EMSA proposed Chap. 13 Regulations

Dear CSFA member,

The CSFA Board of Directors on the advice of the CSFA EMS Committee are united in our opposition to the proposed Chapter 13 Regulations currently under the public comment period by the California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA). The comment period has been extended to July 23, 2020, but the time for action is now.

Many of you may have read CSFA EMS Chair Scott Clough's article on this vital matter in the May 16 edition of CSFA Connection.

Despite a unified voice among the state’s fire service organizations in opposition to these proposals, we have, so far, been unable to get these damaging proposed regulations removed. However, we are not giving up on our fight.

To this end, I am imploring each CSFA member and/or their Organization to write a letter addressed to EMSA Director Dr. David Duncan, urging him to withdraw these regulations due to their egregious impacts to the delivery of fire-based EMS statewide.

To summarize, these proposed Chapter 13 regulations would cause the following to occur:

  • Unlawfully changes the fire service's role in EMS from statutorily authorized to then needing permission from Local EMS Agencies

  • May cause the loss of an estimated 4,100 firefighter EMS positions in public and fire-based ambulance transport services statewide.

  • Unlawfully eliminates the statutory provisions of 1797.201 and exclusivity. If these proposed regulations were to pass, these determinations would now be made by EMSA.

  • Eliminates sub-contracting, partnerships and hybrid models for the delivery of EMS

  • Likely to largely privatize the delivery of EMS in California

Linked here is a sample letter template for you to use as both a member and/or from your local association to add your voice to the opposition. When completed, please e-mail a copy of the documents sent to EMSA to our Executive Director at

Thank you for your continued support on this critical issue facing California’s fire service and EMS delivery.


Mike Shrout

President, California State Firefighters’ Association