Pension Update – CSFA’s weekly round-up of public pension news and comment

Here is a weekly round-up of news and opinion on the pension issue. Stay informed on this important issue and pass these on to neighbors and colleagues.

California Stories

CalPERS candidate wants re-do in the election he lost, saying pension fund broke the law. Read his letter.

Opinion: California’s local governments face increasing financial stress

CalPERS disability status is protected. Read the judge’s ruling

California’s Criminal Cops: Hundreds of offers misuse law enforcement databases

Pension funds could lose some shareholder clout

Fossil fuel investments cost California and Colorado pension funds over $19 billion, report finds

California Public Employees Retirement System sells 135,477 Shares of Xerox Corp

Disability status for CalPERS retirees must remain private, court says

Pension Giant Calpers Buys Apple, Intel, Uber, Lyft Stock

CalSTRS says SEC proposal weakens corporate accountability

Declaring California a ‘compassionate state - that’ll fix everything

California Public Employees Retirement System Acquires 27,034 Shares of Arrow Electronics, Inc.


McClatchy seeks to have U.S. take over pension fund

Pension costs continue to burden Philly school district, report says

Funds double crypto asset exposure in Morgan Creek’s fund to 1%


IRS Publishes 2020 Pension Plan Limitations

Metro Detroit union sank $100M+into risky deals - now retirees could pay the price

Plan to merge strapped Illinois local pension plans raises doubts

Pension giant sees risk growing in corner of private-debt market

Public campaign calls for revolution in use of pension funds

Police poison pill puts Pritzker pension consolidation bill in jeopardy

Some Ramsey County sheriff’s employees get retirement benefits on top of full-time salary

Lightfoot to Pritzker on pensions: It’s your move

I’m moving to New Jersey. Will the state tax my pension?

Attorneys in Hall pension case point to recent Ga. Supreme Court decision in motion

Oakwood pays off Ohio Police & Fire Pension liability debt

Smart money is on ethics, pension fix action during veto session - but no big bets placed on Chicago casino

Lawmakers taking another stab at stabilizing PA public pension funds

The Energy 202: Mitch McConnell’s surprise turnaround means coal miner’s pensions are a lot more secure