CSFA has partnered with FireCareers.com to offer members a 50 percent discount

CSFA has partnered with FireCareers.com to offer members a 50 percent discount on a FireCareers.com subscription. Whether you are just beginning your fire service career, or looking to advance, a subscription to firecareers.com will help keep you informed of job openings, as well as provide you with resources to help advance in your fire service career. As the official provider of firefighter jobs and career development for CSFA, members will receive access to not only job listings, but also blog posts by fire service leaders eager to help each firefighter reach his or her full potential in the fire service. Firecareers.com subscribers also enjoy instant job notifications sent to your phone, access to professional career advancement advice, and full-time dedicated research staff that is a toll free phone call or e-mail away. Join CSFA today to take advantage of this valuable member benefit

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Latest Job Posts

City of Costa Mesa is going to accept apps for Firefighter & Firefighter/Paramedic Applications will ONLY be available June 13-15 Salary Firefighter – $71,844 – $96,264 per year, depending on qualifications. Firefighter/Paramedic – $79,032 – $109,500 per year, depending on qualifications

City of Sunnyvale (CA) is accepting apps for PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICER I – LATERAL Until: Continuous recruitment. Salary $100,754.37 – $116,635.79 annually.


City of Ukiah (CA) is accepting apps for PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER Until: Continuous recruitment. Salary $4,057—$4,931 monthly
City of Oxnard (CA) is accepting apps for EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES COORDINATOR Until: Continuous recruitment. Salary $69,183.71 – $114,916.88 annually
City of Sanger (CA) is accepting apps for FIREFIGHTER I (w/PARAMEDIC LICENSE) Until: Continuous recruitment. Salary $3,277 – $3,983 monthly.
City & County of San Francisco (CA) is accepting apps for ENTRY LEVEL (H-2) FIREFIGHTER Until: Continuous. Salary $72,670.00 – $112,190.00 annually.

City of Sunnyvale (CA) is accepting apps for CASUAL FIRE PREVENTION SPECIALIST I. Until Continuous. Salary $30.30 – $33.41 hourly

City of Cathedral City (CA) is accepting apps for  FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC. Until  Continuous. Salary $24.48 – $32.05 Hourly.

City of Beverly Hills (CA) is accepting apps for FIRE CADET. Until Continuous.
Salary $10.45 - $12.44 hourly.

City of Davis (CA) is accepting apps for DISPATCHER I/II. Until Continuous.
Salary $48,834.03 – $65,293.70 annually
CSFA has partnered with FireCareers.com

CSFA has partnered with FireCareers to offer CSFA Members a 50% discount on a FireCareers. com subscription - Learn more here: http://www.csfa.net/firecareers

Posted by The California State Firefighters' Association on Wednesday, April 6, 2016