CSFA introduces 2 new exciting benefits with CSFA Business Member LegalShield

CSFA has partnered with new CSFA Business Member LegalShield to offer a CSFA member discount on the most comprehensive identity theft protection and legal plans in North America.

LegalShield has been providing legal service plans to North American families for over 45 years. LegalShield is affiliated with attorneys from the law firm of Parker Stanbury (parkstan.com), California’s seventh largest law firm, with five offices in California as well as Top Rated law firms in every state. Enrolled members can access legal counsel, have letters written and get legal representation that includes a comprehensive will and health care directives at no additional cost for them and their spouse or significant other, and much more from qualified lawyers simply by calling a toll-free number or using their convenient smart phone app.

LegalShield also offers the most comprehensive Identity Theft Protection in North America, and they are the only identity theft protection with an Unlimited Dollar service guarantee and full identity restoration.  Your IDShield protection through LegalShield won the 2020 Cybersecurity Gold Medal Award for best in class identity theft protection and the Forbes Best of 2021 identity theft protection. 

LegalShield’s representatives and independent associates Bill Butkovich and Phil Shannon, presented their services to the CSFA Board, following the CSFA Conference in Culver City in 2016 and have been CSFA Business Partners ever since.  They will be reaching out to set up a time to speak to CSFA members.

“Following their presentation the Board recognized the value of LegalShield’s service, and unanimously approved to offer their services at a discount to the membership,” said CSFA Executive Director Gene Gantt.

To learn more about LegalShield click here.