California State Firefighters’ Association joins AT&T to educate firefighters on FirstNet® – America’s public safety communications platform 

FirstNet is a critical tool to help keep firefighters safe and ensure effective emergency and disaster response

Sacramento, CA June 3, 2020 — The California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) – the oldest statewide fire service trade association – has joined with  FirstNet, built with AT&T, to educate firefighters on the modern communications tools available to provide critical data and inter-agency communications. FirstNet is the only nationwide, high-speed broadband communications platform dedicated to and purpose-built for America’s first responders and the extended public safety community.

FirstNet is designed to improve communications across public safety entities nationwide, allowing first responders to easily and quickly communicate with one another during everyday situations and during disasters, including pandemics and public health emergencies. This is integral to solving for the common roadblock and long-standing communications challenges that first responders have faced during past public safety responses. 

“When an emergency strikes, reliable communication is vital for firefighter success. We are proud to partner with FirstNet, and confident that this technology will help our members make better decisions at incidents to help mitigate the loss of life and property,” said CSFA Executive Director Jeff Meston. 

“FirstNet exists to serve public safety and to better their communications capabilities. But to get FirstNet into the hands of firefighters, they have to know this new tool is available, and they need to understand the transformative power it can bring to their day-to-day,” said Stacy Schwartz, vice president, AT&T – Public Safety & FirstNet. “The opportunity to collaborate with the CSFA to drive this critical education forward will go a long way in helping firefighters across California get the modern communications they need.”

With this alliance, the CSFA is committed to educating firefighters about the benefits of FirstNet and the impact it can have on public safety communications. With this tech advancement, CSFA firefighters across the state can be equipped with new capabilities and reliable access to critical information while in the field, including:

  • One, nationwide communications platform that allows our members to efficiently and effectively coordinate emergency responses across agencies and jurisdictions.
  • Always-on priority and preemption to give our first responder members reliable access to the connection they need – even when the network is congested. 
  • A separate, dedicated and highly secure network core purpose-built for public safety’s sensitive communications.
  • Planned increases in coverage and capacity, enabling our members to better respond to emergencies across the state. 
  • Innovative tools – like relevant applications and connected devices – to give our members more actionable information for heightened situational awareness.

The goal of the alliance is to make sure firefighters have the right information to understand the cutting-edge capabilities and benefits of FirstNet, helping them adopt and use the technology in their own jurisdictions. 

“Our nation’s firefighters serve as the foundation for resilient communities, large and small. They deserve the best tools to help them keep themselves safe and carry out their lifesaving mission,” says Edward Parkinson, CEO of the FirstNet Authority. “We are pleased that CFSA has joined AT&T to collaborate further on informing members of the fire service on how FirstNet – their network – can best support them as they work to protect lives and property.”

Rising from difficulties communicating during the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks, FirstNet delivers a single, nationwide, interoperable LTE network purposely built to enhance communications across the entire public safety community. FirstNet is built with AT&T in public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority). It’s designed with and for public safety.

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