So, you want to be on TV?

By Chief Sam DiGiovanna

Though not very popular on the West Coast, I have been watching Fire Rescue TV (FRTV) over the past couple years and always impressed with what FRTV has to offer every month. It seems they just keep coming up with new ideas, products and services.

FRTV provides everything relevant to the fire service. From fires of significant incidents such as structure fires, wildfires, Haz mat incidents, LODD, training events, policies, wellness, conferences, industry products and services, job announcements, – basically anything fire service related.

No one comes up with better ideas than firefighters! Personnel can post messages locally or nationally. FRTV provides on-duty firefighters an easy-to-access library of training videos and provides a 24-hour loop of entertaining content catering to firefighters. Content such as fire house cooking, fire history, new firefighting equipment and new fire apparatus are just a few videos broadcasted on the FRTV screen. 

You can also spotlight your agency which can be placed on FRTV. If you have a significant incident you would like to share, special training, a fund-raising event, announcements and promotions or new ideas and products developed by firefighters, you can place them on FRTV.

The concept is interesting. There are digital screens placed in fire stations for general news media. You can also use FRTV internally within your organization as well. FRTV provides easy-to-use software that allows you to post messages, training dates, meeting notices, committee meetings, photos, and more.  You decide what content to add and disseminate throughout your department, neighboring agencies or nationally.

In house, there is a tremendous amount of information that is relayed to personnel daily through emails, phone calls and paperwork. However, company and chief officers must log in, read each email, print, and then post or verbally tell members of pertinent news or information. FRTV provides you the ability to send messages to one or all their fire stations in seconds. The data is updated on the screen and the information and meeting reminders rotate every 90 seconds. 

Firefighters are required to perform mandatory daily or monthly training while on duty. Training never ends in the fire station, and many times, the shift begins at lineup. FRTV can provide quick drills or safety information, policy updates and more.

FRTV has recently partnered with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration weather and the local weather for that client's zip code and is displayed on their FRTV screen every 15 minutes.  

FRTV has a working relationship with first responder news agencies and over 150 freelance news reporters and photographers who send in breaking news to FRTV. This news is fact checked and then placed on the FRTV exclusive news crawl on the bottom of the FRTV screen.

Speaking with Martin Grube , the next venture will be a FRTV App so you can stay current with your agency while not while not at work or what other agencies are up to.

If you would like to spotlight your agency, significant incidents, job opportunities or have innovative ideas or safety information, this is a great way to network with fire service personnel across the country.

So, if you want to be on TV, this is a fun way to get on the silver screen. I would certainly make sure you have a content manager before your agency allows posting. Like anything, maintaining accurate information, updated policies and relevant information is critical. It should be taken seriously and used for the betterment of the fire service!

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Chief Sam DiGiovanna is a 35-year fire service veteran. He started with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, served as Fire Chief at the Monrovia Fire Department, and currently serves as Chief at the Verdugo Fire Academy in Glendale. Passionate about public safety and risk management, he also is a consultant for Lexipol & Fortress North America Fortress