Chap. 13 and fire EMS forum from Feb. 18 now on-demand

Since early last year CSFA’s EMS Committee representatives have been advocating strongly on behalf of the state’s fire EMS in regard to the Chapter 13 proposed regulatory actions of the Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA). Had these regulations been adopted as originally proposed, there would have been devastating effects upon the state’s fire EMS. 

Please watch CSFA EMS Committee Chair Scott Clough and CSFA EMS committee member Ray Ramirez Jr. as they are interviewed by CSFA Executive Director Jeff Meston during a two-hour-long Zoom call-in forum from Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021.

Participants learned what every firefighter should know about this important issue, and how CSFA is working to ensure that local government firefighters can continue to provide EMS services for their communities.

Watch now on-demand!