Dear Board and Committee Chairs,

The Board is currently looking for interested parties to become the next CSFA representative on the State Board of Fire Services.

Please contact people who you feel would fit the position and who may be interested in filling the position, please notify them of our search and ask them to submit a letter of interest to me by Monday, August 27th.  

The board will then review the letters and make a selection to submit to the new Governor for appointment.  The term of the position is four years.

The State Board of Fire Services is an 17-member advisory board to the California State Fire Marshal. The Board is comprised of representatives of fire service labor, fire chiefs, fire districts, volunteer firefighters, city and county government, Office of Emergency Services, and the insurance industry. The Board is chaired by the California State Fire Marshal.

The Board provides a forum for addressing fire protection and prevention issues of statewide concern; develops technical and performance standards for training of fire service personnel; accredits curriculum; establishes policy for the certification system for the California Fire Service; advises the State Fire Marshal on dissemination of regulations; and sits as an appeals board on the application of California State Fire Marshal regulations.

Thank you,

Mike Shrout 
CA State Firefighters Association 
Cell (562) 822-4584