Risks of counterfeit PPE, how to identify them, and how to report them

Sales and production of fraudulent PPE – especially N95 and KN95 masks – have increased since December 2019 as people took advantage of the pandemic to make some money. Many agencies and departments are having problems getting PPE and have to source from unknown sellers. It’s important to be able to identify fraudulent, counterfeit or unapproved products in order to ensure the safety of your personnel. A new fact sheet (see link below) from the Technical Research, Assistance Center, Information Exchange (TRACIE) provides a quick reference to help you protect your staff with safe, approved PPE and instructions on how to report sellers of counterfeit products. Respirators for Healthcare during COVID-19: Authorized Use and Avoiding Fraudulent Products recommends the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Certified Equipment List and the Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization list. These lists give you information on what types of masks or respirators are to be used under what circumstances, use of imported products and indicators of counterfeit products and vendors.

Check out the FEMA Fact Sheet here: