CSFA Leadership Video Series

Episode 2 - The Hiring Process

In this episode of the CSFA Leadership Video Series, Eddie Sell, CSFA Southern Division Director and Long Beach Fire Department battalion chief and Jeff Meston, CSFA’s Executive Director and former fire chief at South Lake Tahoe and Novato Fire Protection District, offer tips on to help get hired in the fire service.  The episode is listed in segments below for your viewing convenience.


Interest Cards

In this 2 minute segment Jeff Meston and Eddie Sell explains the various entities that employ firefighters and outreach strategies. 


In this 3 minute 15 second video our mentors discuss the best items to include in a firefighter application resume.

Physical Agility Test

In this 3:43 segment, the CPAT and Biddle tests are discussed as well as some resources to prepare for this aspect of application.

Establishment Of The Initial List

In this 1:58 segment the various ways departments establish their hiring lists are explained.

Background Check

In this 6:15 segment the in-depth components of this most serious closing step in the application process are explained.

The Job Offer

In this final 5:52 segment our panelists bring it all together, and provide tips on how to not stumble in this final stage in the hiring process. 

Application Process

This 3 minute 46 second video introduces how to best complete applications. Key takeaway’s: Follow instructions and be thorough, consistent and honest.


In this 6:26 video Chiefs Meston and Sell offer some tips on the different styles of testing you may encounter during the application process.

Oral Board Interview

In this 7:40 video the types of questions you can expect and how to best prepare to stand out during this crucial step in the hiring process are discussed.

Chief Oral Interview

In this 8:47 video key advice is provided to prepare intelligently for this stage where you are finally in the door to the organization and want to have the best outcome. 

Psychological Screening

In this 3:24 video the purpose and process of psychological screening is explored.