CSFA Live Fire Training Video, Williams CA

Check out the live fire training footage taken during the live fire training course at Williams, CA. CSFA is actively working with SAFER grant funding to enhance the recruiting and retention efforts for the California fire service. In Fall 2018 CSFA was awarded their 4th statewide SAFER grant for. This 4 year grant award will provide live fire training courses to volunteer firefighters throughout California. There is no cost for these courses. Departments will need to enroll their volunteers and get them to and from the event. Sixteen (four per year) 2-day live fire training courses geared towards the specifications for Fire Control 3 certification will take place across California. Burn buildings and trailers will be rented and facilitated by experienced instructors in locations that will provide convenience for participation. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3qUb7fm

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