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Proudly Serving the Entire
California Fire Service since 1922

CSFA Education & Training Committee

Committee Overview & Goals

Chair Person:  Jason Hosea, Long Beach FD


To serve CSFA, its directors, committees, individual members, participating associations and others, as directed, regarding matters pertaining to fire service education, training, and professional development. To submit written and/or oral committee reports when needed.

Goals of the Education Committee

To strengthen the Education & Training Committee as a viable resource for CSFA membership.

To promote the concept of professional development and recognition for firefighters.

To research and monitor education and training programs regionally, statewide, and at a national level, which are relevant to California firefighters in terms of firefighter professional development, fire protection, and the California fire service.

To share and promote educational and training opportunities for entry-level firefighters who are preparing for entry into the California fire service as well as training opportunities that will assist in the professional development of firefighters.

To build educational and training partnerships in line with the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) and Training Resources and Data Exchange (TRADE) related programs as well as with California State Fire Training.

To build and promote CSFA’s partnership with 2-3 regionally accredited and respected Colleges and/or Universities.

History & Rational:

To preserve the integrity of the fire service, it must achieve recognition as a profession. Too often manipulative training aspects of fire suppression have overshadowed the need for a recognized professional education program for the expanding field of fire protection.

Fire Services Education, Training and Professional Development

The Education & Training Committee will work to establish collaborative partnerships with Educational and Training related organizations in order to expand and enhance professional development opportunities for CSFA members and the California fire service including, but not limited to: the Fire Service Training Institute (FSTI), California Community Colleges, California Public and Private Colleges/Universities, the California Fire Technology Directors Association (CFTDA), the California Fire Chiefs’ Training Officers Association, California State Fire Training, and the National Fire Academy.

Download the annual committee report

Committee Members:

Daniel C. Perkins (Kingsburg FD)
German Sierra (Las Positas College Fire)
Greg Lloyd (Hemet FD)
Jeff Seaton (San Jose FD)
John Price (Anaheim FD)
Laz Lahera (Miramar College Fire Tech)
Marty Cornilsen (French Camp Mckinley FD)
Matthew Jewett
Nick Cadena (Retired FSTS,CF CDCR)
Ronald Mark Booker, Jr. (Bureau of Land Management)
Samuel Hoffman (Central Calaveras F&R)
Zach De Jong

Training Resources

This resource section is new and will expand greatly over time. Please check back often for more training resources.