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CSFA Purple Heart: The CSFA Purple Heart will be awarded to individuals that suffer severe physical injury that result in hospitalization or death while in the performance of emergency services as a member of the California fire service. This award would be awarded by a CSFA director, deputy director, their designee or a Valor Award Committee Member while the member is recuperating or would be presented posthumously to the members family. This award would not normally be presented during the annual CSFA Conference.

Award Visibility

To increase awareness of the CSFA Purple Heart throughout California; CSFA should publish the guidelines on how to make a nomination in the CSFA magazine once each year; the CSFA Board of Directors should send letters introducing the award and seeking nominations to the press and media organizations, fire agencies and similar organizations each year; and have a guideline for nominations available for those who inquire about the award.

CSFA officials, members and others should be encouraged to seek out and follow-up on incidents that may qualify for the CSFA Purple Heart and those individuals who qualify for this award should be nominated for consideration by the jurisdictional CSFA Director or a Valor Award Committee Member, with the concurrence of the CSFA President.

Receipt of Nominations

Copies of the nominations received in the CSFA office shall be sent by staff to the jurisdictional Director immediately as time is of the essence with the presentation of this award with additional copies to the Valor Awards Committee. Nominations received outside the office shall be sent to the jurisdictional CSFA Director and Valor Committee Chair with a copy to the CSFA office to file.

How to Nominate

If during the eligibility period (one year from date of injury) you become aware of an incident you believe worthy of nomination, please use the format below and include as much of the requested information or documentation as possible.

  • Name, age, position/title, address and telephone number of the person performing the act.
  • A complete description of the incident which led to the nomination, including: date and time of the incident, location of the incident, weather conditions (if a factor), existing disability and/or the physical effects of the act upon the nominee and the extent of injuries to the victim or rescued person(s) if pertinent.
  • If applicable, a copy of the investigating law enforcement, fire department, or other emergency agency reports.
  • Photographs or sketches of the scene if it will assist in portraying the act.
  • Newspaper clippings and media accounts of the incident.
  • Your name, address and telephone number.

Nominations are evaluated immediately upon receipt by the jurisdictional Director or Valor Awards Committee Member.   A determination is then made on whether the act performed warrants a CSFA Purple Heart.

Submit nomination packages to:
CSFA Purple Heart Award, PO Box 189187, Sacramento, CA 95818

CSFA Purple Heart Nomination Required Information

  • Incident
  • Location of incident
  • Name of nominee
  • Address of nominee
  • Phone: work & home
  • Name of nominator
  • Address of nominator

Supply a copy of as many of the following as possible:

  • Incident report
  • Newspaper articles
  • Awards (i.e., fire, police)
  • Unusual circumstances leading to the event (e.g., weather, topography, etc.)
  • Name of fire chief
  • Phone
  • Department
  • On a separate sheet, provide a description of the event.

Submit nomination packages to:

CSFA Purple Heart Award, 1232 Q Street, 2nd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95811

You may also download this information in PDF Format by Clicking Here.