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Proudly Serving the Entire
California Fire Service since 1922

EMS Committee

Chair Person: Thurman Owens
Alameda County Fire District

Mission Statement:

Committing ourselves to continuous improvement, we constantly evaluate, educate, and adapt to stay at the forefront of EMS excellence; by championing mental health and well-being for EMS providers, recognizing the importance of resilience and support in the field.

Purpose of the Committee:

  1. Advocating for policy changes, safety standards, and improved protocols to elevate the quality of EMS care.
  2. Empowering EMS professionals with cutting-edge training, resources, and research to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

Goals of the Committee:

  1. Driving progress in emergency healthcare with expert perspectives.
  2. Inspiring continuous learning and growth in EMS through our dynamic committee.
  3. Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within EMS to reflect the diverse communities we serve and foster cultural competence.


Committee Members:

Michael Guirguis, MD (Raven Medical Support Group)
Cristy Jorgensen (El Dorado County ESA)
Amanda Ward (Crafton Hills College)
Marina Zherebnenko (Alameda County EMS)

If you would like to be a member of this committee, please contact Thurman Owens or Marty Creel.